Neasa Hardiman

Neasa Hardiman is a BAFTA-winning Director and Writer for film and television drama. Her filmography to date includes credits for Jessica Jones (Marvel and Netflix), Z: The Beginning of Everything (Killer Films / Amazon Prime) and Happy Valley (Red Productions / BBC Worldwide / Netflix) to name a few. Her work has won awards both nationally and internationally and has been screened at film festivals across the globe.

Neasa needed a website that would showcase the quality and breadth of her work while also conveying the multidisciplinary nature of her skillset. A cinematic and distinguished visual tone was established to highlight her portfolio in the best way possible. Video clips are forefronted in each project page to take advantage of the quality of production values and photography.

The site is fully mobile-responsive and built with a user friendly content management system so Neasa can update the site regularly with news about awards and upcoming projects.

Website Design, UI/UX Design, Wordpress
Senior Designer at Language